Dante Parrini
Dante C. Parrini
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

A Message from the CEO

April 2017

Thank you for your interest in Glatfelter. Our Company has a deep and rich heritage dating back to 1864 when the Company was founded in the midst of a deep struggle in the United States. Throughout our Company's history, we have faced many serious challenges and have flourished when others have not. Having recently surpassed our 150th anniversary, we celebrate that spirit of endurance. I believe there are clearly defined reasons behind Glatfelter’s sustainability and they begin with a strong commitment to our Core Values.

These values are the foundation of Glatfelter. Barely a day goes by that we do not rely upon them to frame a decision, develop a strategy or guide us in other ways. In today's business world, the news is full of companies that have lost their way. That will not happen with Glatfelter - our values in combination with our business model and strong customer value proposition allow our Company to differentiate itself from so many others in the industry.

Sustainability may be defined in many ways. For Glatfelter, "sustainability" means that we conduct our business in a manner that supports the need for future generations to enjoy a quality of life that is at least equal to (and ideally better) than we enjoy today. Every day, Glatfelter touches the lives of millions of people around the world through the products we make, the manner in which we conduct our business and the value that we generate for all stakeholders. In this regard, "sustainability" means striking the appropriate balance between our environmental responsibilities, financial performance, and social commitments. Only through achieving this balance on a continuing basis can Glatfelter truly be sustainable. And that is our commitment to you.

Within our web site, we share our perspectives on our environmental, economic, and social responsibilities. I believe the facts demonstrate the commitment to our core values and the inherent sustainable capabilities of our global business. This is a promise more than 150 years in the making, and we are pleased to share our 2016 results.

Dante C. Parrini
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

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