The Board shall at all times have a committee structure that is adequate for the conduct of the business of the Board of Directors and required for the operation of a publicly owned company.

Currently, the Company has four standing committees, consisting of: (a) Audit, (b) Compensation, (c) Nominating and Corporate Governance and (d) Finance. The Board may, from time to time, create additional committees or terminate existing ones, if required.

Committees support the role of the Board on issues that benefit from consideration by a smaller, more focused group of directors. The committees, whose chairpersons are appointed by the Board, shall have regularly scheduled meetings, and call additional meetings as appropriate. A management representative is assigned to each committee for purposes of planning meeting agendas and coordinating communications between management and the committee. The office of the Corporate Secretary is responsible for providing notice of the committee meetings and sending documents provided by the management representative(s) in advance of the meeting, as well as taking minutes of the committee meetings. The committee chairpersons routinely report on their committee activities to the Board at the next regular Board meeting following a committee meeting.

Committee Descriptions

View the committee details pages or download the charters for more information about the composition of each committee.

Committee Charter
Audit Committee Audit Committee Charter
(20 KB PDF)
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Charter
(15 KB PDF)
Finance Committee Finance Committee Charter
(22 KB PDF)
Nominating Committee Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee Charter
(15 KB PDF)
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