Paul: A Wide Range of Rewarding Career Moments


The best way to learn about the benefits and rewards of a Glatfelter career is to hear about it from Glatfelter PEOPLE themselves. Each employee’s story is different, but all of them reflect the value we place on our PEOPLE and their unique contributions to success.


What drove your decision to join Glatfelter?

I worked in the Ohio Operations facility prior to it becoming a part of the Glatfelter Specialty Papers Division. The size of the facility offered a variety of career opportunities, which encompassed almost all fields of science and engineering. When comparing opportunities, I found Chillicothe to be an attractive community due to its rich history and small town feel. Even today, it is a great location to raise a family and is centrally located to several metropolitan areas.


What was your first position with Glatfelter? Describe the additional opportunities you’ve experienced during your tenure.

I began my career with the company as a research scientist. I specialized in paper machine chemistry and traveled to various locations to help troubleshoot issues. After a couple years, I took a position in the Chillicothe mill as a process engineer. My responsibilities expanded as I began managing process engineers in my area, and this role grew into managing process engineers across the entire mill. Currently, I manage 4 departments, which include process engineering, process control, quality assurance, and new product development.


What has been your most rewarding career moment at Glatfelter?

Probably don’t have just one.


What is your primary responsibility within Glatfelter’s operations?

I currently manage the Technology Group for the Ohio Operation, which includes process engineering, process control, quality assurance, and new product development. These groups support the business by improving efficiencies, managing input costs, and developing new product lines.


Tell us about an exciting or challenging project you have worked on at Glatfelter.

I have worked on many complex projects and problems over the years. However, one of the most challenging was when we made the decision to vastly expand our gradeline offerings as result of a quickly changing marketplace. This put a huge strain on the Technology Group and stretched the operation unlike anything prior. In the end, we were able to put new processes and products in place that allowed us to keep manufacturing lines full and profitable in a severe recession.


What are the key skills and competencies required in your current role?

Teamwork, technical proficiency, problem solving, communication, results orientation, and continuous improvement are required to be successful in Technology roles. Each new project creates the opportunity to develop and use a variety of these skills.


What advice would you give to someone considering employment with Glatfelter?

To be successful in Glatfelter, they need to try to live out the Core Values. I would also suggest that they will need to embrace and lead change that drives improvements with a sense of urgency that comes from the competitive market and long-term issues facing our business.


What differentiates Glatfelter from other companies that you could work for? What makes Glatfelter special?

Glatfelter has high expectations for performance and does not settle for mediocrity. Glatfelter has the unique ability to be flexible is an ever changing marketplace. There are very few barriers to getting things accomplished that have a significant impact on the business. Management is more results focused that any company that I’ve been a part of.


Can you talk about a time that you saw one or more of our Core Values displayed?

During the recent recession, Glatfelter demonstrated Financial Discipline by focusing on their core businesses while maintaining Customer Focus with regards to the products they make. This resulted in improved profitability for the Division in a time when other paper companies were reporting negative earnings.

On a more personal level, Glatfelter displayed Social Responsibility as they took a leadership role in challenging our local business community to support a new education curriculum at one of our local elementary schools. The curriculum is based on Steve Covey’s 7 Habits of Leadership, which teaches children how to be effective leaders in all aspects of their lives. Without Glatfelter’s support, this program would have not likely been launched.


How do you strike a good work/life balance? Does the company help you do this?

There are many opportunities as a part of our Wellness Programs, in which the company encourages employees to take care of themselves and their families. They realize that a healthy mind, body, and spirit will make for a happier, well-adjusted employee. Furthermore, understanding that your personal life and work life sometimes overlap, the company encourages various education and continuous training opportunities to help you grow as an individual.

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