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The best way to learn about the benefits and rewards of a Glatfelter career is to hear about it from Glatfelter PEOPLE themselves. Each employee’s story is different, but all of them reflect the value we place on our PEOPLE and their unique contributions to success.


What drove your decision to join Glatfelter?

Our main office is approximately 20 km of my home. I joined the company Concert Industries, which was acquired by Glatfelter in 2010. The organization really sparked my interest because they focused on finding good trainees. After discovering this, I knew I could have a good career with good development opportunities in this organization.


What was your first position with Glatfelter? Describe the additional opportunities you’ve experienced during your tenure.

I had the opportunity to learn all of the production areas within my specialty. I worked in the Slitter/ Rollhandling area of the production plant immediately following my education and then became the machine leader in the Festooner area. I was then promoted into management where I worked on projects in the MSO-department for one year. After this I was given the opportunity to continue my education, paid for by the company. I am now a process analyst and see additional opportunities for promotion within Glatfelter.


What has been your most rewarding career moment at Glatfelter?

The highlight of my career was the moment that I was informed the company would pay for my continuing education.


What is your primary responsibility within Glatfelter’s operations?

As a production analyst it is my responsibility to achieve the best possible quality and contribute to optimum utilization of the machines. I am also the individual responsible for the video inspection system. In addition, I am a member of the trainee program due to my interest in constantly improving our training opportunities.


Tell us about an exciting or challenging project you have worked on at Glatfelter.

A great project was the introduction of our video of inspection system. My job was to understand and to adopt the system to the needs of our production.


What are the key skills and competencies required in your current role?

My completed education and experience within the organization are very important to successfully complete my responsibilities.


What advice would you give to someone considering employment with Glatfelter?

First, they should really understand the core values of the Glatfelter. Then the individual should consider whether they can identify with these values and live them every day.


What differentiates Glatfelter from other companies that you could work for? What makes Glatfelter special?

Glatfelter Falkenhagen always places value of the welfare of the employees. Every employee is provided with work uniforms that are laundered every week, and a new pair of work shoes every year. These are provided by the company. The first priority of Glatfelter is the safety and security of every employee.

We also have a health program where everybody can find something that appeals to them. For example massages during work hours, medical check-ups, reimbursement for the cost of playing a sport, and renting a gymnasium to play football or volleyball. The cafeteria in Falkenhagen is excellent and the company subsidizes the cost of our meals.


Can you talk about a time that you saw one or more of our Core Values displayed?

I experience the core value Customer Focus every day; understanding and anticipating the needs of our customers and helping them achieve their business objectives.


How do you strike a good work/life balance? Does the company help you do this?

The company supports my health by providing good programs for employees to take advantage of. I have a good balance between work and life by participating in company sponsored sports activities in the Falkenhagen fitness studio.

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