Promoting Healthy Living

Glatfelter wellness programs are specifically designed for our PEOPLE and their families. Health and wellness is encouraged and promoted through various programs that help our employees and their families learn about and improve their personal health, which can elevate their quality of life.

United States-Based Wellness Programs

Glatfelter’s Wellness Programs are intended to help employees and their families become healthier, better utilize their health care resources and, ultimately, spend less on complicated and expensive medical procedures. Our goal is to motivate all Glatfelter PEOPLE and their families to improve their health and quality of life — mind, body and spirit.

Glatfelter’s Wellness Programs promote healthier, active lifestyles among all active Glatfelter employees and their families, with the secondary advantage of lowering total benefit costs. Through programs geared toward walking, weight management, tobacco cessation and other specific health-related areas, employees and their families are encouraged to address their medical and health challenges. Glatfelter Employee Wellness

When employees and their family members are in better health, less health care is required, benefitting both the employee and our Company. We continue to monitor our health benefit costs and sponsor wellness initiatives such as walking/running events, Weight Watchers programs, gym membership reimbursements and health fairs – all intended to promote a healthier workforce.

European-Based Wellness Programs

While health and wellness benefit programs are provided through the government and are constructed differently for our European-based employees, we continue to promote healthy lifestyles at Glatfelter by encouraging active participation in Company-sponsored recreation, such as curling, hockey, golf, running, volleyball, bowling and cycling as well as smoking cessation programs.

For more information on how Glatfelter PEOPLE are pursuing an active lifestyle, please review our Glatfelter PEOPLE in Motion document.

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