Forest Management
A Living Legacy for Future Generations

Forest Management

As a forest owner, you are more than just a guardian or investor—you are a steward of forest conservation. With proper forest management you can pursue timber harvesting goals while ensuring the continued health and productivity of your land.

Forest management practices allow a forest to produce maximum benefits, whether for harvesting, aesthetics, or environmental habitats and recreation.

Forest Management Can Help You:

  • Improve your woodland’s income potential.
  • Develop recreational value.
  • Provide a better wildlife habitat.
  • Enhance your property’s natural beauty.
Glatfelter’s team of foresters can guide you through the forest management and timber sales process. We will assist you in making smart forest management decisions while meeting your timber harvest objectives. Dedicated to sustainable forestry, Glatfelter is committed to promoting proper land stewardship and maintaining a healthy and productive forest.

Forest Management and Timber Sales Process

Glatfelter will work with you to:
  • Identify your objectives and goals.
  • Evaluate current woodland conditions.
  • Recommend steps to improve your forest resources.
  • Prepare your timber for sale including a proposal, harvest plan, tree marking, and road design.
  • Put together a contract, obtain permits, and provide a schedule for executing the plan.
  • Complete the harvesting and seeding.
  • Oversee site retirement at harvest completion.
Forests require active management. Timber harvesting is a key element in the practice of silviculture (science and practice of establishing, managing, and reproducing forests). A well-managed harvest and coordinating forest management plan can help keep your trees healthy, attractive, and valuable to maximizing your future timber sales
Timber Sales Questions & Proposals
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