Timber Harvesting and Sales

Managing Forests for the Future

Designed to meet your objectives, a timber harvest may include considerations regarding timber production and income, wildlife, aesthetics, or recreation. The primary consideration of any timber harvest is forest regeneration and what harvest method is best given your timber sale goals, forest type, and condition.

Harvest Types – Hardwood & Conifer Management

Depending on the size and condition of your woodland, you may want to use different harvesting methods on different areas of your property. Timber Harvesting and Sales

Selection or Single Tree Harvest – Removes mature trees and those of low quality and poor form to allow more growing space for higher value, healthy trees. Higher value trees may also be harvested at this time.

Timber Stand Improvement – Removes less desirable and low-value trees (deformed, diseased, damaged, or defective trees) to encourage the growth and health of remaining trees. Their presence reduces the growth of desirable trees, as competition is greater for nutrients, moisture, and space.

Thinning – Required to obtain optimum tree spacing, the amount of thinning needed depends on the size and distribution of the trees. Proper thinning allows remaining trees to double or triple in size, resulting in higher yields and quality products during later harvests.

Shelterwood and Seed Tree Harvest – A regeneration method, this harvest is accomplished by removing most of the trees and leaving scattered healthy, mature trees. The remaining trees provide seed sources and shade for re-growing the forest.

Clearcut Harvest – Removes all trees from a selected area, usually a portion of the forest at a time, modeling nature’s way of regenerating a forest. This allows full sunlight to reach the forest floor.

Timber Harvesting Equipment

  • Bell harvester and grapple skidder
  • Valemet cut to length system
  • Haul trucks
Timber Sales Questions & Proposals
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Timber Sales
Timber Sales
Timber Sales
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