Timber Sales Tips

Things to Consider When Selling Your Timber

To ensure that your timber sale is problem-free and profitable, follow these tips.

Consider the future of your woodlands and develop a forest management plan. Your objectives for your land will determine the type of timber harvesting operation you need. A plan should address your goals for the timber harvest and forest renewal. You may need to review your property lines, mortgage restrictions, and mark harvest boundaries.

Work with a professional forester. A professional forester will be properly certified and know current forestry practices and regulations. He or she will be experienced in selling timber and know current market prices. They will work with you to establish a plan based on environmental stewardardship and sustainability.

Select a harvester that participates in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and follows Best Management Practices (BMPs). This will ensure that your timber is harvested using environmentally responsible practices that promote the protection of wildlife, plants, soil, and water quality.

Know what to harvest and the value. Determine how much timber and which trees you will be selling and their value. A professional forester will help you. Make sure that the volume of timber taken from your land is accurately measured and paid for.

Have a written contract. A contract protects you and the buyer. It should outline your land, the timber harvesting plan, and the details of the process, regulations, and financial agreements.

Understanding your options is the key to a successful timber sale. Glatfelter can help you execute an environmentally sound and profitable timber harvest.
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Timber Sales
Timber Sales
Timber Sales
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