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Innovative Airlaid Packaging Solutions for Extending Food Product Life

Our acquisition of Concert Industries airlaid capabilities gives you more ways than ever to meet the most demanding food packaging challenges. Extend the shelf life and enhance the appearance of poultry, beef, fruit, vegetables and other food products with specialty engineered airlaid nonwoven packaging from Glatfelter. Our airlaid products are proven to keep food products fresh, passing the strictest food quality approvals in various markets around the world. We offer highly customizable packaging solutions that can be adjusted to provide optimum absorption performance that’s ideal for each food type.

Why Choose Glatfelter Airlaid for Food and Packaging?

airlaid nonwoven composites for food packaging
  • Composite structures for absorption that extend shelf life
  • Maintains most of its absorbency under load
  • Integrity kept when "over-wetted"
  • High absorption of liquid and it's occlusion inside the Airlaid decelerates the growth of microbes
  • Less dust during processing due to binder systems applied
  • Process ability due to great combination of flexibility and stiffness
  • Used raw materials meet all relevant requirements for food packaging:
    • Regulations 21CFR (FDA)(Food and Drug Administration in the U.S.)
    • Recommendations of BfR (Federal Institued for Risk Assessment in Germany)
    • Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 (Polymer Regulation in the European Union)
  • Certification according to the following industry standards to make sure that our proccesses satisfy the high qualiy and hygiene requirements of our customers:
    • ISO 9001 (Quality Management System)
    • EN 15593 (Hygiene Management System; similar to BRC/IoP
    • HACCP (Risk Management)

Offering leading-edge capabilities for food and packaging:

For highly absorbent packaging for poultry, beef, fruit and many other food products, count on Glatfelter airlaid — the product and the brand with a worldwide reputation for excellence in this fast-growing market.
Multi-bonded Airlaid
Thermal-bonded Airlaid

Four different methodologies for measurement of absorption are applied:
  • Free swell tap water and free swell 0.9% saline tests (in-house quick tests)
  • BfR method 0.2% saline test (official measurement method for fish pads)
  • BfR method 0.9% saline test (official measurement method for meat pads)
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