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Around the world, Glatfelter specialty papers are used in a multitude of end-use applications. From food infusion to medical diagnostics, from composite structures to thermal barrier materials, leading marketers and industrial specialists use our paper to meet their challenging and unique requirements.

Why Choose Glatfelter Composite Fibers?

  • Broadest range of inclined-wire papers and wetlaid nonwoven papers.
  • Major innovator in long-fiber web material manufacturing using state-of-the-art inclined wire technology.
  • Certified to ISO 9001 quality standards, OSHA 18001 occupational safety standard, ISO 14001 ecological and BRC loP global hygiene standards.
  • Worldwide support with more than 80 commercial branches, agencies, and operational centers. Technical and product engineers are available within 24 hours.
  • Paper pulp is sustainably derived from super strength abaca fiber, improving the livelihood of our farmers' group in the Philippines.

Select from these areas:

Food & Beverage
Tea bag, coffee filter, and food casing papers available in a range of designs and formats for all converting machines.
Metallized Films & Papers
Eye-catching metallized products for labels, packaging, and lamination.
Composite Laminates
Protect d├ęcor and aesthetics with abrasion-resistant overlay products for decorative laminates, flooring, and composite structures.
Technical Specialties
A diverse line of tailor-made products for tape, apparel, building, wipes, automotive, medical, and filtration applications.

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