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Composite Laminates for Protection that Lasts

Protecting décor and aesthetics, overlay papers are used as a protective layer in household and commercial flooring, kitchen countertops, bars, and décor panels.

Pure and highly uniform cellulose papers made from clean bleached pulp, Glatfelter’s composite laminates are engineered to be strong and very absorbent to withstand different levels of wear abrasion. Available clear or tinted, our papers form a film for the embedded melamine resin in the fiber structure. This enhances the appearance of printed décor papers while improving the abrasive resistance and durability.

Why Choose Glatfelter Composite Laminates?

Glatfelter Overlay Papers
  • Excellent wet strength for good runnability.
  • Controlled porosity/absorbency for high wear resistance, clarity, and resin penetration in X,Y,Z directions.
  • pH-value/disc-cure for hardening (curing) of the press resin/post-forming.
  • Controlled levels of wear resistance depending on aluminum oxide content proportion and carrier absorption capability.
  • Highly uniform sheet formation for clear or ultra-clear papers with excellent clarity.
  • Manufactured in grades between 22 and 70 g/m2 and are available with a machine finish or matte glazed surface.

Select from these composite laminates:

Composite Laminates Description Qualities
Printable Overlay Décor applications Good Printability in rotogravure and offset printing.
TVO Papers Décor applications Excellent transparency, optimal absorbency and homogeneous sheet formation.
TVO-NA Papers Décor, applications requiring durability High wear resistance, extra-durability and protection. Contains corundum in low percentages.
NZO Papers Specific wood grain appearance Made from unbleached fiber to achieve warmer shades and natural appearance.
TVO-FHT Papers Demanding flooring applications Ultra-clear transparency with superior durability and protection for high levels of wear resistance. Contains corundum in higher percentages.
TVO-LOV Papers Demanding flooring applications for liquid overlay process For application of abrasive compounds like corundum on the paper surface (Liquid Overlay Process). Achieves a high degree of wear resistance.

Composite Laminates Applications
Melamine Dishes, Plastic Products Workshop, Panels Outdoor Panels Laminate Flooring Bowling Alleys
Printable Overlay
TVO Papers
TVO-NA Papers
NZO Papers
TVO-FHT Papers
TVO-LOV Papers

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