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Glatfelter knows what it takes to manufacture consistent, high-quality casting papers to meet your application needs. Our fully-integrated operation allows us to control the product from the forest to your floor, resulting in reliable product performance and superior customer support.

Select from our wide range of substrates or consult our new product development specialists.

Why Choose Exhere Casting Papers?

  • Wide range of papers designed for curing PVC films and foams, urethane foams, and natural rubber.
  • Consistent release and surface appearance.
  • Excellent re-use performance.
  • Mix and match release systems and substrates can be engineered to achieve the right gloss, strength, and release characteristics to meet your specific requirements.
Grade Name BW 3300 sf Gloss 60 deg. Intended End Use Application
Exhere Plus 805E 111# 3 – 4 Vinyl film casting for seats, car interiors, furniture, etc.
Exhere EB 803E 98# 8 – 10 Vinyl film casting for furniture.
Exhere Plus 1000E 108.5# 8 – 12 Vinyl film and vinyl foam casting.
Exhere Plus 1205P 108.5# 10 - 14 Higher gloss, easier release alternative to Stipkote. Used for vinyl foams and films.
Exhere Plus 805E 131# 3 – 4 For heavy weight vinyl films. Used for vinyl composites, door panels, car interiors etc.
Exhere Plus 1205P 129# 10 - 14 Same as above. Slightly higher finished gloss.
Exhere EL 975E 111# 8 - 10 PVC foam manufacturing
Exhere EL 1100E 111# 8 - 10 Tighter releasing version of 975E.
Exhere Plus 1720E 111# or 125# 5 – 8 Low gloss, tight release for PU foams
Exhere Plus 1730E 111# or 125# 8 – 11 Low gloss, moderate release for PU foams
Exhere Stay M 950E 92S 89.5# 15 - 20 C2S casting paper for PVC foam/adhesive. Used for gasketing material.
Vision Plus 102U 111# 90 - 97 High gloss, ultra smooth surface for high gloss PVC films
Vision Stay 102U 92S 93# 80 - 90 C2S functionality for ultra smooth PVC foams and adhesive app.
Exhere EL 156S 156S 113# 35 - 45 Rubber calendering/processing
Exhere SCKI 252E252E 86# 8 - 10 Rubber calendering/processing

Whether your application is automotive, gasketing, cushioning or graphics signage, Glatfelter can help you get the job done.

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