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Designed to cover a broad spectrum of release applications and a variety of adhesive systems, Glatfleter has the right liner for your job. If our standard offerings don’t meet your needs, we can customize base papers and release systems to address your specific requirements. 

Why Choose Exhere Release Liners?

  • Designed for pressure-sensitive adhesive applications where standard release liners fall short.
  • Excellent layflat properties.
  • Superb backside printability.
  • C1S and C2S differential release product availability.
  • Fully integrated manufacturer of clay-coated kraft (CCK) liners, along with poly-coated kraft (PCK), and supercalendered kraft (SCK) liners.
    By combining our base paper choices with a variety of water-based emulsion, solventless, and UV-based release chemistries, our development engineers can create a customized solution specifically for you.

Liner Application Chart

    Any standard release system can be applied to these papers    

Graphic Arts
Paper Label
Consumer/ Industrial
ID Labels
Nameplates/ Construction
Film Label
Consumer/ Industrial
Roll to Roll
Roll to Roll
Roll to Roll
4.5 mil Exhere Stay  
4.5 mil Exhere US  
8 mil Exhere LLM
8 mil Exhere TTT
10 mil Exhere VT

O = Designed Use       * = Most applications

Glatfelter Release Liner Selection Guide

Silicone Base Papers

Base Paper
Basis Weight
Caliper (mils)
3000 ft2
3300 ft2
Exhere Stay 78 85 4.5 Clay coated one side, supercalendered
Exhere US 78 85 4.5 Clay coated both sides (silicone holdout/print coating)
Exhere LLM 107 118 8.0 Clay coated one side
Exhere TTT 134 147 8.0 Clay coated both sides, supercalendered
Exhere VT 125 137 10.0 Clay coated both sides

Silicone Release Systems

Release System
Release Value*
92S Pt. Solventless 15
Premium release for very aggressive adhesives
102S Low Temp 10 Premium release for aggressive adhesives
150S Pt. Solventless 35
Premium/medium release designed for sign cutting, die cutting
155S Pt. Solventless 30 Medium release for solvent adhesives
156S Pt. Solventless 35 Medium release
190S Pt. Solventless 65 Medium/tight release typically for hand peel
200S Pt. Solventless 125 Tight release for hand peel
xxU Epoxy UV 10 - 125
Premium release for use on temperature sensitive substrates.
xxxE Emulsion 15 - 155
Emulsion release properties are comparable to the solventless systems. Emulsion systems can be matted for applications where low gloss is desirable, or colored to identify the release-coated side.

* Typical release value (grams/inch) using Tesa 7475 acrylic tape.

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