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Electro-technical Papers

Glatfelter’s long experience and cooperation with global leaders in the battery manufacturing industry allow us to produce tailor-made solutions to enhance manufacturing processes. Products like DYNAGRID®, a unique engineered material specially designed for continuous grid pasting technology, are used in the manufacture of lead-acid batteries. Glatfelter pasting paper is designed and processed to achieve the lowest chloride content, thus reducing discharging rate and improving battery lifetime. In addition, the paper’s high purity ensures excellent recyclability of the acid.

Glatfelter energy storage papers offer greater potential:

Nonwoven Wallcover Base
  • Nonwoven web materials for capacitors and batteries
  • High porosity and web uniformity in low basis weights and thickness
  • Custom-designed for superior performance
  • High battery cycle lifetime and enhanced productivity

Tailor-made solutions are available to enhance manufacturing processes in terms of:

  • Excellent runnability
  • No peeling effect
  • Good sticking to the plates
  • Quick lead absorption
  • Higher output
  • Better flexibility/lead formulation, grain density
  • Coupling effect – Paste/paper
  • Overall productivity
Thanks to our wide range of products, we can work with our customers to develop specific solutions. We are established leaders in creating innovative new product solutions, using many different materials, as well as in customized product concepts. We also back up our electro-technical paper products with superior customer service in every market we serve.

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