Long Fiber Papers
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Long Fiber Papers

Glatfelter’s technologically advanced nonwoven products have established Glatfelter as the supplier of choice in the European tape industry for paper-based double-sided adhesives. The combination of long synthetic and natural fibers with a soft reinforcing binder creates a strong, textile-like material. This material is dimensionally stable yet can be torn by hand. Suitable as mono-ply carriers for various dispersible single- and double-sided adhesive tapes, our papers are ideal for water-based and dispersible glues with quick glue penetration.

Long fiber papers from Glatfelter integrate long natural fibers such as abaca and hemp to give a light but strong material that is 100% biodegradable and formaldehyde-free. Our papers ensure high tensile and delamination strength. Glatfelter’s highly breathable nonwovens include surgical tapes, cable wrap, and the carrier material for nicotine patches.

Product Name Function End-use
DYNATEC™ Base paper for saturation/adhesive & release coating Adhesive tapes
Automotive, paper, and textile industry (leather)

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