Firmly Rooted in Our Heritage of Sustainability

Keeping the nature of things as nature intended—that’s how Glatfelter approaches the business of being a global supplier of choice in specialty papers and engineered products.

Finding sustainable solutions, while protecting our long-term prosperity, began over a century and a half ago, when the paper we first produced was used to create handbills for the reelection campaign of an incumbent president of the United States (Abe Lincoln). The core values that drove us then are still part of the Glatfelter tradition today. It’s the combination of our heritage and these values that have made Glatfelter the sustainable company our customers have come to rely upon for decades.

Over our rich 150-plus-year history, we have faced many serious challenges and have flourished while others have not. We believe that there are clearly defined reasons behind the sustainability of our enterprise and they begin with the core values that are the foundation of our organization. Executing sound business practices has enabled us to survive the tough times and thrive in the good times. Our established policies, guidelines and procedures ensure that we conduct business in a manner that protects the environment, is financially responsible and preserves our current and future generations.

Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

Reducing Our Environmental Footprint
Using alternative energy sources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, utilizing biomass, practicing sustainable forestry and developing environmentally-responsible products are some of the ways Glatfelter reduces our environmental footprint.

Each year Glatfelter strives to improve our environmental measures. Our employees assume personal responsibility for awareness and control of environmental issues on the job.

Increasing Financial Performance

Increasing Financial Performance
Speed, flexibility, innovation, solid operational performance and customer intimacy comprise our business model, built around high-value niche markets, leading to sustainable value creation and successful financial results.

Meeting our Social Commitments

Social Commitments
Enhancing skills through programs and training opportunities, and encouraging volunteerism all positively impact the sustainability of our business, employees and communities, both locally and worldwide.
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