Our Safety Culture

Globally, Glatfelter completed 2017 with a total case incident rate (TCIR) of 1.27. With every Injury Free day that passes, we get closer to earning world-class safety performance.

Working safely is part of the culture at Glatfelter, and while we are collectively committed to the continuous improvement of safety performance in each of our locations, each employee owns the responsibility of returning safely to his or her family and friends at the end of each day.

Our Global Safety Improvement initiatives reflect significant progress toward our safety mission: Injury Free Every Day!

Highlights of the 2017 Global Safety Improvement Initiative

Composite Fibers Business Unit (CFBU) Safety Accomplishments

  • Achieved an industry-leading TCIR of 0.82 for its seven manufacturing facilities; notable achievements include injury-free performance in Caerphilly and Scaër and a record of 1.09 million working hours between OSHAs in the Philippines
  • Developed and implemented a three-year safety roadmap detailing key action areas within our safety culture, organization and prevention (COP) with site action plans that address specific priorities
  • Shared knowledge and new insights within CFBU and from global alerts each month including targeted development of standardized procedures and approaches
  • Continued our productive practices and approaches, including visible and clear leadership, effective communication and the MESUR process

Specialty Papers Business Unit (SPBU) Safety Accomplishments

  • Completed 2017 with a TCIR of 1.56 for its three North American manufacturing facilities
  • Developed a Significant Injury and Fatality Risk Prevention Plan
  • Implemented weekly safety performance reviews: a forum for incident investigation sharing, idea generation and feedback sessions for mill leaders
  • Initiated a 24-hour incident response call with SPBU leadership
  • Reduced the number of recordable fires through completion of high-risk reduction initiatives, raising fire-risk awareness and improving housekeeping measures
  • Developed plant-specific initiatives, including safety development and improvement training, employee engagement focus, maintenance risk reduction, contractor safety and ergonomics analysis

Advanced Airlaid Materials Business Unit (AMBU) Safety Accomplishments

  • Posted a TCIR metric of 1.25 for its facilities in Canada and Germany, and the new site under construction in Arkansas, USA, reflecting a reduction in safety incidents over the prior year
  • Implemented the majority of the AMBU fire detection and prevention plan, with a few small tasks remaining in 2018
  • Achieved a new record run of 433 days accident free in Falkenhagen and lost only 4 working days to injury in 2017
  • Steadily improved safety performance in Gatineau, with a reduction in the 2017 incident rate
  • Developed a detailed risk-assessment process based on FMEA analysis to facilitate hazard management and targeted guarding improvements in Gatineau
  • Continued building an effective safety culture in Fort Smith while implementing the recruitment and training strategy
  • Designed and configured Fort Smith’s fire detection and suppression systems based on best practices from the AMBU facilities

Commitment is Key

The entire organization will continue to focus on ensuring our personal safety as well as that of our co-workers. We must work to protect all Glatfelter PEOPLE by:
  • Demonstrating commitment at every level
  • Engaging all Glatfelter PEOPLE in improving safety
  • Ensuring accountability for safety performance and behavior throughout our organization
  • Focusing on proven site-specific safety programs

Facility Operation Incident Rates

We track TCIR at all Glatfelter facilities globally. In addition to complying with OSHA recordkeeping requirements, Glatfelter uses this metric to measure performance—and performance improvement—versus others in the industry.

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Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR)
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